Sunday, August 1, 2010

6. Bella and Ian

Bella and Ian, my birth parents, had what can only be optimistically described as a 'rocky relationship'. When Bella had become pregnant with me, Ian insisted he didn't want a baby and left Bella heartbroken and knocked up. Thank goodness she didn’t abort.   Although I have a sneaking suspicion she didn't abort because she thought that Ian would reconsider and want to be a father.  Well, that didn't happen but at least I got to draw breath and be.

There was always a question as to whether I was actually Ian’s child, or Grant's - his brother.  Talk about being a 'love child'.  There was so much love around that no one is entirely sure whose I am.

Bella had been 'sleeping with' (what a quaint euphemism) both brothers around the time I was conceived. I think this information shook Ian to the very core, and even though he didn’t want to be a father, Ian over time had come to accept that his genetic material came to a rather finite end with me, and that I was the sum total of his ancestor's struggle to continue their genetic material. Grant never had children (but we'll never be entirely sure...). So whichever way Bella took the tumble, I am a Roberts and the end of their line, unless I'm a pretty hook to catch a fish and have a school of little fishes of my own(Pisces that is, being a Pisces of two other Pisces, with a half-brother and brother who are also both fishes).

Ian did request that I have a DNA test to check his paternity, however, given that him and his brother would have practically identical DNA it would be difficult to ascertain whether it was him or Grant who actually fathered me.

But back to the ballad of Bella and Ian, they eventually got back together after I was born and no longer 'around'.  Their relationship lasted about 10 years.

I wonder if they ever discussed the interim when they weren’t together - you know, the part with Bella gestating and giving birth - or whether the topic was just too big to talk about and instead decided it was easier to never discuss it.

The relationship didn’t last, and the love saga of Bella and Ian ended. They did keep in touch, delicately and remotely, through her many love affairs and his few and far betweens.

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