Monday, August 9, 2010

2854. On the Nose

I went on a date two weekends ago.  It wasn't a successful date. It wasn't a fun date. 

We met in Cottesloe and had a drink.  He was a brawnosaurus - all muscle.  He couldn't even walk properly because he'd worked out so hard on his legs that day, then gone for a 2 hour run.  He just wasn't my cup of tea.

He could have been Prince Charming for all I cared.  When you're getting over someone you have feelings for, it's hard to appreciate anyone else.  And I am getting over someone. 

We sat on a wall and ate icecream.  I knew I was sad and it wasn't a good idea to have come on the date.

I looked over and saw that the guy had icecream up his nose.  It was the final straw that broke my heart that little bit more.

I made some excuse that I had to leave and walked back to my car.

For me getting over someone means time, not replacements or distractions.

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